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RedCrew was founded in 2018 by three senior engineers with decades of experience delivering change in large organisations.

Even as they were building factories and banking software systems, James Bligh, Abaran Deep and Mark Evans realised even the best corporate IT teams struggle with projects seeking to deliver new technology or create transformational change.

Quick explanation: large teams need to deliver repeatable work. In the tech department’s equivalent of the innovator’s dilemma, their need for efficiency prevents successful delivery of projects that use emerging technologies and techniques.

Creative software engineers don’t fit well in corporate environments where the engineering process is systemised and idiosyncratic approaches are a problem. They leave to join start-ups or freelance.

But these are exactly the people you need to deliver a cutting-edge strategic project.

That realisation prompted James, Abaran and Mark to create RedCrew. Our goal? To harness the talents of elite software engineers to create solutions based on modern technologies and deliver transformational change to businesses, without having major cultural change as a pre-requisite.

RedCrew also specialises in conventional consulting to large banks and national organisations but what sets us apart is that instead of telling people what to do, we create the solution and do it for them.

At RedCrew, we believe software engineering is a creative pursuit with space for personal expression. It’s an art form.

RedCrew Founders

Abaran Deep
Abaran Deep
With a track record of delivering results for banking, utilities and mining clients, Abaran has helped large businesses solve complex problems, transform existing process and develop new capabilities. With nearly 30 years of line management and consulting experience, he’s worked extensively with clients in delivering technology enabled change and performance improvement. “The biggest buzz is helping a team and client get what they want. There is always uncertainty, and there are always schedule and resource constraints. Working with the project team to work through the challenges to achieve the business results the client is after is immensely satisfying.” Away from work he’s still into project delivery, specifically DIY wood and metalworking.
Hidden talent: yoga headstands.
James Bligh
James Bligh
The technology lead who designs RedCrew’s cutting edge software solutions, James started writing code at age eight when he got his first computer, a Commodore 64: “There’s a lot of artistry with what you can do with software.” His first job was building it at Hewlett Packard and he has extensive experience in digital delivery and transformation in various industries. “I’ve always been an internal agent of change,” says James. “The annoying guy who won’t shut up about how to do things differently and better.” The dad of four also codes at home in between writing for a global standards body and volunteering: “I get bored easily.”
Hidden talent: juggling
Mark Evans
Mark Evans
Mark always loved building stuff. As a kid, he competed in Lego contests and after a string of uni jobs—fitting wedding suits, making paint—was chief engineer on Melbourne’s Vegemite factory and other major builds before becoming an international management consultant and program manager. At work, he’s a pragmatic planner who has delivered complex large-scale projects in financial services, infrastructure and defence for three decades. At home, he’s a slide guitarist in three bands who loves cooking and has been married to Lisa for a long time with three adult kids: “I’ve gotten something out of every bit of my career and life. I love problem solving.” Hidden talent: Gregorian chants and cheesemaking.

Red Adair - our inspiration

Why The Name RedCrew?

RedCrew’s name and ethos is inspired by Red Adair, the legendary American oil well firefighter who fought the 1960s Bass Strait oil rigs blazes.

One of our mentors, Barry Clark, was working as a surveyor on an oil field development in the Sahara Desert in Libya in 1965. One night, four of the 120 oil wells were blown up by terrorists.

Within 24 hours, Red Adair landed from the US with a crew in two bright red planes to deal with the “Armageddon scene”, recalls Clark. Supported by his team of regular trusted lieutenants, he had assembled a team of skilled specialists using specially designed equipment. Dressed in their signature red overalls and using ingenuity, toil and sweat, the Adair team put out the fires in a few days.

“As a souvenir at the end of the job, Red handed out cigarette lighters to everyone in the camp,” says Clark. “I always thought what a funny thing for the world’s most famous firefighter to be handing out.”

This model of elite capability, innovative solutions for unique challenges and incentivised crews is what RedCrew strives to deliver.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job,
wait until you hire an amateur.”
— Red Adair

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