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The RedX Project

THE CLIENT PROBLEM A large Australian retail organisation wished to leverage their existing payments infrastructure to provide innovative payment flows and solutions.  This desire was accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to transition payment flows to low contact or online only flows. This was a challenging technical problem as there was ...


SocietyOne Case Study

THE CLIENT PROBLEM SocietyOne, a leader in online digital finance in Australia, was seeking to go to market with transactional banking products supplied by the Westpac Bank as a Service platform. To go live with these products, SocietyOne needed to implement the consent and dashboards screens required by the CDR regime in their ...


10X Case Study

THE CLIENT PROBLEM A UK based core banking platform provider was engaged by a large Australian bank to implement a Bank as a Service platform for their clients.  This implementation was successful but, for the client brands to go live CDR Data Holder compliance was required. The client needed a CDR compliant data holder ...


Separating the wealth business

THE CLIENT PROBLEM In May 2018, the NAB Group Board took the decision to exit MLC and its related wealth management businesses and create a new standalone wealth company. A large program was established to prepare MLC for separation, but an equally important stream of work was established to manage the separation ...


Australian Financial Services Open API

THE CLIENT PROBLEM A large Australian financial services organisation was facing into three significant problems with their online digital channels: Their main web applications were difficult to change and it was impossible to share functionality between them.  The same capability was being implemented multiple times and the lifecycle to deliver new features was ...


Bank Robotic Process

Case Study: RedX Project THE CLIENT PROBLEM The Risk Management Committee of this large multinational bank had previously expressed concerns about the timeliness of preparing risk weighted asset numbers used in capital ratios and the limited time to validate the results prior to disclosing to the market. There was heightened concern with the ...


Digital Content Platform

THE CLIENT PROBLEM The client, a large corporation, had over a dozen significant web sites that were implemented across a number of different content management products.  These products were all deployed in a traditional on premise model inside the corporations own data centre.  Each content management platform had been implemented separately, on independent ...

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