RedCrew’s Approach

Software engineering is like painting. Sure, it can be methodical and mechanical but it can also create works that inspire and change society.

RedCrew does the corporate equivalent of painting the Sistine Chapel.

A lot of businesses have an office with 30 engineers who might not be suited to your tech problem. What we have is a Rolodex filled with software stars we handpick to build a bespoke team for every single project.

We match the talent to the challenge. Or rather, we find the key engineer—the captain—who knows the domain and assembles a gun team to suit the project. Because of our incentive model, the more people brought on, the more the rewards pool is spread. If they understaff, they risk failing to deliver.

This drives the captain and crew to be dedicated and vigilant about the quality of the team and result.

The result is a specialist crew dedicated to your project and success

The RedCrew approach creates a unique environment where elite software engineers are treated like artists. A space where their talents are harnessed in return for rewards including great pay, profit sharing, appreciation and acknowledgement, the satisfaction of solving difficult and new problems. A key feature of our engagement approach is that the project team members get to share in the project success.

As a result, the RedCrew team delivers with certainty and quality the hard tech implementation that is key to your business strategy. Then we hand it over to your people and equip them to continue the journey.

Our three-phase engagement model has the delivery risk front loaded and the cost back loaded. We only take on projects we know we can do and we know will deliver customer value. We are relentlessly delivery focussed.

If after minimal investment we think a project will fail, we work with you to change the project scope or even cancel. This means at all times the delivery risk is inversely proportional to the committed investment.

Our guarantee? Leave the artistry to RedCrew and we’ll give you the step change needed to kickstart a transformation.

RedCrew will deliver the innovative technology solution that is key to your corporate strategy. We will give you the step change needed to kick start a transformation with speed and certainty. We will then hand over to your people and equip them to continue the journey.

What is a RedCrew?

A Red Crew is a small team of excellent engineers brought together for a specific project. The Crew may have worked together or they may not have. They may have been involved in a Red Crew before or they may not have. The common thread is that they are demonstrably good at what they do and passionate about making your project succeed.

By bringing together the best in the industry we are able to achieve outcomes well above other technology vendors, or even your own internal teams. Good engineers work best with other good engineers who are equally motivated to succeed.


How Is RedCrew Different?

There are many ways to bring together a team. Often a team is formed from who is available, who is on the bench and who can be recruited to fill in the spaces. A Red Crew is formed by finding the key engineer that knows the domain and then having them assemble a team based on what is needed for that project. Due to the incentive model we use the captain seeks the best individuals to fill the gaps required. The more people they bring on the more they spread the incentive pool. If they under staff they run the risk of failing to deliver. This drives the captain, and in fact the whole crew, to be very careful about who joins the crew and what is expected of them.

The end result is a specialist, elite, team dedicated to your project.


Project management is the principal discipline for effecting change and innovation. It is essential for
those organisations wanting to get a jump on and stay ahead of the competition.

There is a belief that if you have good project management techniques for planning, scheduling, risk,
issue, change and cost, then the situation is in control. However, this can be a delusion resulting in
precisely monitored failure. Even throwing in an array of agile methodologies, scrums and the odd
Kanban board may be necessary but not sufficient to deliver.

That is why RedCrew considers project management is more art than science and success is inspired
more by project leadership than management and depends upon:

  • Fostering relentless business focus,

  • Ensuring total clarity,

  • Motivating and energising the project team,

  • Confronting reality, and

  • Trusting relationships.

As the project theatre expands to include a plethora of internal and external, core or support, supportive or hostile actors, so does the delivery complexity. This is when an experienced RedCrew
project professional applies the science of analytic rigour with the art of behavioural aspects such as
how project teams interact with the organisation, in effect, a ‘crew of crews’.

While we don’t expect our clients to share our passion for delivery, we do offer an assurance, an
effective ‘sleeping pill’ that will ensure you rest easier at night.

How Do You Guarantee Certainty?

We follow a three phase engagement model with the delivery risk front loaded and the cost is back loaded. This means that we are able to identify projects that will likely be unsuccessful with minimal investment and then work with you on how to adapt, either by changing the project scope or even by cancelling the project. This means that the delivery risk is, at all times, inversely proportional to the committed investment.


Our engagement approach is based on a strong desire for our client and us to win together. Despite best intentions traditional engagement models in delivery of complex software drive a win-lose mindset and behaviours. There are several well publicised examples of such behaviours and you may have seen some examples first-hand if you’ve been in the game for some time. We believe such outcomes are a tremendous waste of human creative energy and there is a better way.

Our engagement approach ensures we win together by taking a three stage approach to deliver the target business outcomes for our clients.


Our first engagement stage is short (typically 2-3 weeks) and sharp (aimed at confirming 6-7 critical success factors) and sets the foundation for future success. In the Discover stage our goal is to understand the business problem, define the scope of the solution, confirm its technical feasibility, identify key risk drivers, and determine the commercial approach best suited to create a win-win outcome.

The Discover step requires a minimal up-front commitment from the client and provides either a recommended solution path which can be delivered by RedCrew, or points the client to an alternative solution path.  Yes we do turn down potential work if we are not the right fit.  Our clients still get the benefit of our advice from this early stage.


The main objective in this stage is to create a proof of concept and rapidly validate the initial assessment. This provides an opportunity for two main risk drivers to be addressed – requirements clarity and technical feasibility of the solution. Depending on the assessment there is a decision on whether it makes business sense to proceed as planned, make some changes, take a completely different approach or not pursue the idea any further.

This validation step contains risk for both parties before committing additional funds and resources. Depending on the new information available at this stage it is possible to re-set the commercial approach.


Our rigorous planning approach and extensive delivery experience combined with a highly skilled and motivated technical team ensure that the delivery promise is met or exceeded. Early on in this stage we also (if needed) outline integration details. This provides some preparation runway for client team so that integration can get quickly follow delivery of the core solution. If needed we can also provide integration support.

Overall our approach is context sensitive – we tailor our approach to the client situation while remaining true to our ethos of finding the way to win together.

“…we are technology agnostic and can work with your own technology roadmaps and strategies.”

Technology Agnostic

At RedCrew we are all about technical excellence but we are not about technical purity. We believe that there is no single correct way to solve a problem. When working on the cutting edge of technology there will always the latest fad with the associated hype. Sometimes the hype is based on real value. Sometimes the hype is just hype.

At RedCrew we look past the spin and choose with the right tools and technologies that will solve our clients problem and still be maintainable by their existing people once we are done. Everything is contextual and the right solution for one client may be the wrong solution for another. The Outcome Always Comes First.

People Focused

While we are agnostic with the technologies we use this is not the case for the people we bring in to work on our projects. An excellent, experienced, engineer can make any technology dance. Our incentive model means our engineers are better rewarded for their work than elsewhere. The quid pro quo is that we set the bar very high when recruiting. Its not easy to join a crew.

This focus on quality engineers means that we trust our crews to make the right technology choices for our clients and we hold them accountable to justify and defend the choices they make. We expect Nothing Less Than Awesome.

Bias To The New

In situations where we have a choice of technology we have a bias to using new and innovative tools rather than resting on our laurels. The technology industry runs at a fast pace and the cycle of adoption and obsolescence for technology is shorter than it has ever been. By choosing the most modern tools available we help our clients stay ahead of this cycle. We allow out clients to maximise the value of the solutions we deliver.

Perpetual Experimentation

For this reason we keep abreast of the evolving technology landscape and are always experimenting and testing new tools as they emerge. This means that when we bring a new technology to bear for a client we are already certain in how it performs how it can add value and where the pitfalls are.