Project Description

SocietyOne Case Study


SocietyOne, a leader in online digital finance in Australia, was seeking to go to market with transactional banking products supplied by the Westpac Bank as a Service platform.

To go live with these products, SocietyOne needed to implement the consent and dashboards screens required by the CDR regime in their browser based and mobile applications.


RedCrew has a great deal of experience with the requirements of the CDR regime and is familiar with the Westpac platform.

Due to this experience RedCrew was able to quickly assemble a small RedX team with excellent web development capability and familiarity with the requirements of the CDR regime who were able to deliver the required capability at a fixed price with minimal requirements.

The team was also able to be flexible with their schedule so that they could align with the wider SocietyOne delivery program.


SocietyOne was able to successfully launch their banking products without any regulatory issues arising from their CDR implementation.

These benefits were delivered to a fixed cost but with a flexible schedule to meet the evolving needs of the customer.

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