Project Description


A large Australian retail organisation wished to leverage their existing payments infrastructure to provide innovative payment flows and solutions.  This desire was accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to transition payment flows to low contact or online only flows.

This was a challenging technical problem as there was a need to support multiple payment contexts: in-store, e-commerce and API based payment initiation.  There was also a strong desire to build the solution for internal use but also for potential exposure to external partners as well.

When looking into this problem space the client had the following challenges:

  1. A deficit of internal development capacity, especially with experience in the modern technologies, required to complete this project to a high standard within the desired timeframe;

  2. The need was understood but the specific requirements were not set in stone creating a need for a highly agile approach that could take ongoing learnings into account; and

  3. The project required a level of innovation and flexibility that can be difficult for large corporations to execute using internal delivery capabilities.

These problems needed to be addressed as the potential of the new solution was deemed to be high, both from a commercial perspective but also due to the innovative customer experiences it would facilitate.


RedCrew assembled a RedX team to provide the solution. The team consisted of a small number of elite software engineers with extensive experience in APIs and SDKs. This small team completed the work that had previously been estimated to be done by a scrum team that was three times the size.

In the first phase of the project, RedCrew delivered a concrete scope of work that formed the foundation for the solution.  This solution included:

  • A series of technical proof of concepts to help understand the business need and rapidly settle on a fixed scope for the engagement

  • A flexible developer portal for internal teams to use when building integrations with the system

  • A set of modern, and secure, REST based APIs used to access the payments capabilities

  • A set of SDKs to facilitate API use for Javascript, iOS and Android development


The benefits from the engaged exceeded expectations and has led to a series of consequent projects to leverage the solution for other scenarios and use cases.

These benefits were delivered to a fixed cost to the customer and were delivered on time and with a quality above original expectations.

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