Project Description

Australian Financial Services Open API


A large Australian financial services organisation was facing into three significant problems with their online digital channels:

  1. Their main web applications were difficult to change and it was impossible to share functionality between them.  The same capability was being implemented multiple times and the lifecycle to deliver new features was too long.
  2. As their web applications used web only technologies such as Portal, MVC and n-tier stacks they were unable to deliver a mobile app that their customers liked.  They were facing significant customer pressure to improve their mobile offering.
  3. The growing need to integrate with customers and third parties - to create ecosystems - was recognised but there was no clear way to deliver on this growing opportunity.

These problems arose from an architecture that was inflexible and lacked abstraction.  They needed an API layer to make their mobile apps possible, to deliver great customer experiences and to allow for new revenue opportunities.


The solution delivered consisted of an API layer using an API gateway the client already had in production combined with a custom OAuth implementation built using NodeJS.  All of this was hosted in AWS.

Core services delivering functionality to the API layer was created using Java contained in SpringBoot.  This allowed for existing Java code in the legacy web applications to be refactored and existing infrastructure patterns to be used.  This reduced delivery time and cost.


The benefits realised from this implementation was significant:

  • A first in market developer portal that was used to build new market opportunities and create new business relationships.
  • Cheaper, faster and more reliable delivery of functionality for key online channels such as mobile apps and web platforms.
  • Dramatically improved customer experience for key use cases and channels.
  • Increased security and stability arising from the use of well tested and reusable APIs.  APIs could be individually penetration and performance tested to ensure customer data was protected.

Note: Some case studies represent specific RedCrew projects while others represent solutions implemented by RedCrew founders in other contexts.

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